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All registered heifers start at $5000.00. They don't last long!!  Commercial heifers $2500.00  Cows (when available) range in price from $2000-$5000.00+                 


This big beautiful Indubrazil cow has produced some fine calves including show calves. She has never missed a calving cycle. She could possibly be bred back to MR BLACK DIAMOND - TANK

Registered with ABBA in the Indubrazil Herd Book


Birthdate 09/15/2008

$5000.00 (without calf)

Beautiful Gyr Heifer. This gorgeous heifer will be registered in the ABBA Gyr Herd Book

Dam: Opal  #883499





This is all the cattle we have for sale at this time. If you do not see anything that you like, please keep checking back or contact us for future sales.

 BULLS FOR SALE   (Prices $1800.00 and up) We will Trich test and fertility test all breeding age bulls after confirmation of purchase. Virgin bulls do not have to be Trich tested. We cannot guarantee fertility of bulls under 2 years of age. We can provide a health certificate on all bulls upon request, at buyers expense. However, if health certicate is not requested, we cannot guarantee the health status. (If said bull does not pass the health exam, a refund will be given.)


Here is your chance to own a big beautiful black sardo bull!! He is a proven breeder and has made some of the most beautiful colorful calves I've ever seen.

Registered with ABBA in the Sardo Negro Herd Book


Birthdate 08/10/2011


Sardo Negro Bull Calf



This gorgeous boy will make a very handsome bull. Will be registered with ABBA in the Sardo Negro Herd Book


Birthdate - 01/01/2019

Commercial Bull Calf

Dam: Sienna

Sire: Mr Black Diamond (Tank)


PLEASE NOTE:******At this time, we do not do any shipping of cattle, semen, or embryos outside of the United States.

***We sell both commercial and registered brahmans. If the brahman is registered, the prices will not be lowered simply because you do not want the registration certificates. Any registerable brahman without a brand WILL NOT be registered until the animal is branded appropriately. Commercial cattle are not registered and cannot be registered.


With a deposit, you can buy a calf before they are born to guarantee you a future calf. Once calves are born, calf choice will be made available to you on a first-come first-serve from which your name will be listed. (For example: 1. John Doe  2. Jane Doe. John Doe will have first choice of calves and then Jane Doe will have second choice, etc. People who have paid a deposit on a calf will get first choice in the order received). Once a calf is chosen, then the layway plans will apply. Our calves are normally sold soon after birth and with this option, it will guarantee you a chance to purchase one of these fine brahman breeds before they are gone. Don't wait & miss the opportunity to own one or more of these nice brahmans. Give us a call, email, or text today for more information.   ***PLEASE NOTE*** if you put your name on the list without a deposit, your calf choice will be after the people that have paid a deposit. Calves are limited.

***PLEASE NOTE*** With the rising prices of cattle, a deposit will also "lock in" a quoted price in the event prices of the cattle rise.


Over 6 months:  With half down, you can pay off your brahman within an agreed upon timeframe but not to exceed 4 months. Brahman(s) must be paid in full at time of pickup or delivery. **If brahman(s) is not paid in full at the end of the term, buyer forfeits all money paid and no refunds will be given. The purpose of a deposit is for serious buyers. **Please note that with the high cost of feed, we will ask for a boarding fee of $9.50 a day PER HEAD in order to help feed your brahman until pickup date.

Up to 6 months:  With a small down payment, you can either pay off the calf at time of pickup or make monthly payments up until the time of pickup. Balance must be paid at time of pickup or delivery which is normally at  4 - 6 months old**If brahman(s) is not paid in full at the end of the term, buyer forfeits all money paid and no refunds will be given. The purpose of a deposit is for serious buyers. **Please note that boarding fees will not apply to calves being weaned unless the calf or calves will be staying longer than 2 weeks after being weaned. After 2 weeks, the rate is $9.50 a day PER HEAD thereafter until calf or calves are picked up.


We can deliver your brahman(s) to you but unfortuantely, we will have to charge a fuel charge due to the high cost of fuel prices. Fee is $2.25 per loaded mile from point of pickup (my ranch address) to final destination. Payment is due prior to unloading of brahman(s) or you can pay in advance. Mileage will be derived from MapQuest

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