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Cows/Heifers that are in our breeding program.
Reg #802849
This beautiful girl will make some of the best gir calves around!! 

Ariel is a Sardo Negro. Ariel is an excellent cow that has proven herself time and time with excellent offspring that are beautifully colored and stocky built.


Sienna is a beautiful dark reddish-brown Brahman that is proving herself to be a beautiful cow and excellent mother.


Dozer (904236) is a beautiful spotted Brahman that is as sweet as they come. Her gentle disposition passes down to her offspring. 



Pearl (867573) is a sweet tempered gyr cow that throws beautiful calves.  

Ruby (881623) is a red gyr with a gentle disposition. 


  This is #49 (789638). This beautiful gyr cow has bloodlines includes that include Escoces, Brasil, and Sammagar POI DA ZEB VR to just name a few.

This is #74 (Amber) (838616). This is a beautiful gyr with beautiful yellow eyes and a personality to follow. Her bloodlines includes names like Colossal, Exportado Da Floresta, and Escoces to just name a few. She is used in our donor program for our gyr calves.

Opal (883499) is a beautiful gyr with lots of potential. 


Bobbie (882314). Her bloodlines include Escoces, Idioma, Brazil, and Belmonte to just name a few. 



This is Big Red. She has the size and muscle backing her up. Her offsprings have never disappointed us.  

This is Brownie. Brownie has a gentle disposition that carries down to her calves. Sienna is an offspring of hers that we decided to keep and have not been disappointed. 

This is Miss Diamond B Arrow 72. (#898155). She is a beautiful speckled long eared cow with a great disposition. This gorgeous cow has a lot of old Indu bloodlines in her. She will be used for IVF in our herd.


This beautiful Indubrazil cow is Granny (810585). Granny has  a sweet & gentle disposition. She has thrown some awesome calves and continues to do her job well.


This beautiful indubrazil cow is Indy (877620). Indy has size and a gentle disposition. We have used her as a donor and In Vitro Fertilization.

This is Raven (904499). She is a young and beautiful black spotted Indu Brazil that will make an excellent cow with lots of color.


This is Jade (906146). Jade is another young and beautiful black spotted Indu Brazil that will make an excellent cow with lots of color.

 This is CHYNA (906801) This beautiful Indu cow is a sweetie and has made a nice big & gentle cow. Her dam was solid red and her sire was black & white. Although she is gray, she has some red spots on her and has the potential to throw spotted calves.


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