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Sardo Negro



These beautifully marked brahmans are attractive, not only because of their color but due to its characteristics of milk and meat production, precocity, fertility, longevity, maternal ability, and characteristics of hardiness, resistance to infectious diseases, ectoparasites, adaptation and acclimatization. It has an excellent capacity utilization crosses of the European breeds for both the production of meat and milk.

The history of this breed is a mix between existing zebu cattle in parts of the Gulf Coast where these cattles's coat was a characteristic that identified in the records as agryrado-indubrazil, mouro coat color. The coat characteristics of black and white hair, sometimes having red or brown spots. They were recorded as Gyr and were framed withing the pattern of the race approved by the Secretary of Agriculture in 1962 in Mexico. Later, they were not viewed as Gyr and became their own breed.

APPEARANCE: Impress pleasantly. The animals are medium size, are well provided body-do, sharp lines and robust constitution, docile temperament.

HEAD: Width and length stockings.

FRONT: Wide, smooth and prominent forehead with the back well supported.

Eyes: Black or dark, elliptical, located laterally and well protected skin wrinkles.

Ears: medium length, typical slopes, starting with pipe shaped upper portion thereof-gives wound on itself then gradually opening outwards, curving inward taper-dose and again at the tip end towards the stream and tornada face.

Muzzle: Black and broad with nostrils flaring and flattened.

HORNS: Medium dark and symmetrical, elliptical, flattened and thick at the base, emerging downwards and backwards. Preferring those heading slightly upward curving inward, converging with the tips.

NECK: Medium, top line tending to horizontal, very muscular, joining the trunk without depression in males, slightly oblique, but long and delicate in females.

CHIN: Medium usually extending to the navel, in males, but reduced the fine leather and soft in females.

GIBA: Well planted on the spine, developed kidney-shaped, extending over the back in males. Smaller and less characterized as to how females.

Topline: Firm wide, horizontal, modern and well covered over meat from the mane to the haunches.

TAIL: Medium length harmonious insertion, tapering from the base to the plume. The plume ne-gro preference.

LEGS: Moderately short, well aplomb. Chest high and deep.

HAIR: Fine, short and silky.

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